Cassy Abbott Eng - Faculty & Adjuncts

Cassy Abbott Eng, PhD, RN, CNE, LNC

Cassy Eng
Cassy Abbott Eng, PhD, RN, CNE, LNC
Chapman Clinical Assistant Professor of Nursing
College of Health Sciences
918-631-2831 Oxley Health Sciences Facility Room 528


PhD – The University of Northern Colorado MSN – The University of Northern Colorado BSN – Southern Nazarene University – Marymount University


With 18 years of clinical experience, Dr. Cassy Abbott Eng weaves her passion for pediatric nursing in the classroom, lab and clinical settings. As a Legal Nurse Consultant from Duke University, she works as a LNC and brings her professional expertise back to the classroom. As a Chapman Professorship Award recipient, Dr Cassy Abbott Eng is dedicated to emphasizing Caring Science in both clinical and academic settings. Dr Cassy Abbott Eng takes pride in supporting nursing students as they set goals, obtain their dreams and change the world through the profession of nursing.

Research Interests

Caring Science
Pediatric Obesity
Health and Wellness Education
Methods of Education for children and their caregivers
Ethics and Legality
Retention: Nursing Programs



  • Abbott Eng, CaSandra. Hey What’s up with That Super Star? Gold Medals to Black Lungs. 2015. Print.

  • Abbott Eng, CaSandra. Hey Whats up with That Kid? Healthy Choices. 2005. Print.

Research Reports

  • Denman, C. et al. 1978 Performance Test of Hybrid Sorghus and Corn in Oklahoma. Oklahoma State University, Agriculture Experiment Station, 1979. Print.

Courses Taught

  • Nursing Interventions IV
  • Applied Science II
  • Life Span Processes
  • Nursing Interventions III
  • Nursing Science I
  • Applied Science I
  • Challenges of Childhood
  • Independent Study
  • Pharmacology and Metrology
  • Nursing Interventions II

Professional Affiliations

  • Oklahoma Nurses Association
  • National League for Nursing
  • American Nurses Association
  • Society of Pediatric Nurses
  • American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants
  • Sigma Theta Tau
  • American Holistic Nursing Association