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Christian Constanda, PhD

Christian Constanda, PhD
Charles W. Oliphant Endowed Professor of Mathematics
College of Engineering & Natural Sciences
918-631-3068 Keplinger Hall Room 3225


PhD – Romanian Academy of Sciences Other – University of Strathclyde MSc – University of IASI


Engineers have proposed certain refined models to describe more accurately the phenomenon of bending of thin elastic plates, but have not investigated them in any great detail because of the mathematical difficulties involved. Christian Constanda's aim has been to identify these difficulties in the case of plates with transverse shear deformation and devise appropriate methods for resolving them under conditions of direct physical significance. This activity has led to the construction of both general theoretical formulas for the solution and to numerical algorithms that permit the computer implementation of the method. The work has covered a whole series of mathematical problems of considerable generality in a variety of areas, such as fundamental solutions for partial differential operators, mapping properties of singular integral operators, potential theory, complex variable functions, generalized Fourier series in Hilbert space, etc. The results of this ongoing research can be applied to many other problems in continuum mechanics.

Research Interests

Boundary Integral Methods
Mathematical Theory of Elasticity

Teaching Interests

Differential Equations
Partial Differential Equations
Applied Functional Analysis
Advanced Differential Equations


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Courses Taught

  • Intro to Partial Differential Equations
  • Introduction to Partial Differential Equations
  • Seminar in Mathematics
  • Advanced Differential Equations
  • Independent Study

Awards & Honors

  • Outstanding Teacher Award