Claire Cornell, MA

Claire Cornell, MA
Director of Family Owned Business Institute
Assistant Director of Entrepreneurship
Assistant Director of Family-Owned Business Institute
Assistant Professor of Professional Practice in Entrepreneurship
College of Business
Management and Marketing
918-631-2684 Helmerich Hall Room 302A


Associates Degree – Gloucester County College MA – University of Rhode Island BA – Glassboro State College


Claire Cornell works with undergraduate and graduate students interested in innovation and business creation. She serves as faculty mentor for the Love's Cup, which is a state-wide business plan competition. She is also the director of the Family-Owned Business Institute, which was formed in 1996 to assist family firms succeed into the next generation, by offering programs and services that address issues unique to family businesses and providing a forum for idea exchange and networking. She teaches management courses and organizes and executes the College's business ethics competition.

Teaching Interests

entrepreneurship, innovation, creativity


Conference Proceedings

  • WoodC., SuterT., and CornellC. “10 Hands-on Class Exercises to Build Student Teams and Spark Creativity”. Venture Well Annual Conference Proceedings, Venture Well Annual Conference Proceedings 2017, 2017.
  • “HydroSense: A Self-Powered Wireless Device for Monitoring Water Usage in Hotel Showers”. Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC), 2015 IEEE, 2015, pp. 314-20.

Courses Taught

  • Internship in Management
  • Making Ideas Happen
  • Minding Your Business: the Practice of Business
  • Business Plan Competition
  • Business Orientation and Planning For Success

Professional Affiliations

  • VentureWell
  • Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers
  • United States Association for Small Business and Entrepreneurship
  • Academy of Management

Awards & Honors

  • Faculty Advisor Award
  • Inductee into Beta Gamma Sigma
  • Linda Lacey Award for Mentoring Excellence