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Daniel Crunkleton, PhD, JD

Daniel Crunkleton, PhD, JD
Professor of Chemical Engineering
College of Business
College of Engineering & Natural Sciences
Chemical Engineering
Energy Economics, Policy and Commerce
918-631-2644 Keplinger Hall Room 3385


PhD – University of Florida JD – The University of Tulsa BS – The University of Tulsa


Dr. Crunkleton is a Professor of Chemical Engineering. He also teaches courses in the Master of Energy Business Program in the Collins College of Business.

Research Interests

Process Modeling & Simulation
Computational Fluid Dynamics
Alternative Energy/biofuels

Teaching Interests

Heat Transfer
Fluid Dynamics
Alternative Energy
Transport Phenomena


Journal Articles

  • S. Xue, Y. Liu, Y. Li, D. Teeters, D.W. Crunkleton, S. Wang, “Diffusion of lithium ions in amorphous and crystalline poly(ethylene oxide)3:LiCF3SO3 polymer electrolytes,” Electrochimica Acta 235, 122 (2017).

  • Sha Xue, Yingdi Liu, Yaping Li, Dale Teeters, Daniel W. Crunkleton, and Sanwu Wang, “Diffusion of Lithium Ions in Amorphous and Crystalline Phases in Poly(ethylene oxide)3:LiCF3SO3 Polymer Electrolytes,” Electrochimica Acta 235 (2017), 122-128.

  • Sha Xue, Yingdi Liu, Hongli Dang, Yaping Li, Daniel W. Crunkleton, Dale Teeters, and Sanwu Wang, “Ab Initio Calculations of the Atomic and Electronic Structure of Crystalline PEO:LiCF3SO3 Electrolytes,” Computational Materials Science 112 (2016) 170-174.

  • Chen, Kai, Weston Kightlinger, Azadeh Pourmir, Daniel Crunkleton, Geoffrey Price, and Tyler Johannes. 2014. “Effects of Algae Extract on the Growth and Metabolism of E. Coli and S. Cerevisiae.” Electronic Journal of Biotechnology 17. Electronic Journal of Biotechnology : 14–18.

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  • Jochen Marchall, Adam Chamberlain, Daniel Crunkleton, and Bridget Rogers, “Catalytic Recombination on ZrB2/SiC and HfB2/SiC Ultrahigh-Temperature Ceramic Composites,” Journal of Spacecraft and Rockets 41 (2004) 576-581.

  • Noah I. Tracy, Daniel W. Crunkleton, Geoffrey L. Price, “Catalytic Cracking of Squalene to Gasoline-Range Molecules,” Biomass & Bioenergy 35 (2011) 1060-1065.

Conference Proceedings

  • Keller, M., Brummel, B., Streets, V., Kerr, A., Younis, R., Tecle, L., & Crunkleton, D. (2017). Professional competencies with behaviorally anchored ratings for graduate students. In Proceedings of the American Society of Engineering Education Conference.

Technical Reports

Journal Article Reviews

  • Justin Smith, Daniel W. Crunkleton, and Selen Cremaschi, “Linear Stability Analysis for a Reactive, Multiphase Bubble Column,” Accepted for publication in Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research (2015).


Courses Taught

  • Sustainable Energy
  • Research and Dissertation
  • Special Topics
  • Principles of Chemical Engineering
  • Process Control