Geoffrey Price, PhD

Geoffrey Price, PhD
Professor of Chemical Engineering
College of Engineering & Natural Sciences
Chemical Engineering
918-631-2575 Website Keplinger Hall Room 3485


PhD – Rice University BS – Lamar University


Geoffrey Price's research interests are primarily in zeolites and zeolite catalysis. Chemical and petrochemical operations utilizing zeolites are vast, and emerging interests in refining biofuels find potential in zeolite catalysis. Over the past few years, significant progress has been made in Price's labs in several areas including solid-state ion-exchange of zeolites and alkylamine probes of zeolitic cations. One particular application has been in gallium zeolites which are useful for light paraffin aromatization. Price and his co-workers were the first to identify and describe an important solid-state ion-exchange process which takes place between gallium and zeolitic protons for this class of materials. Since the catalytic activity is driven by a bifunctional gallium/proton mechanism, the important catalytic properties are highly dependent upon the extent to which protons are eliminated from the zeolite by this ion-exchange process. Alkylamine probes have proven to be an effective technique for exploring the gallium/proton content of the zeolite host, and the method has been extended to copper-containing materials which have tremendous potential for several new NOx control strategies. They have developed a solid-state ion-exchange method for copper loading which allows higher levels of loading than previous reports which primarily rely upon aqueous ion-exchange. They have also identified some potentially valuable hydrocarbon conversion processes which occur on the copper-zeolite catalysts.

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Reactor Design
Chemical Kinetics


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Technical Reports

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  • Independent Study
  • Thermodynamics
  • Equilibrium Thermodynamics

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  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers
  • American Chemical Society