Hema Ramsurn - Faculty & Adjuncts

Hema Ramsurn, PhD

Hema Ramsurn, PhD
Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering
College of Engineering & Natural Sciences
Chemical Engineering
918-631-2978 Keplinger Hall Room 3405


PhD – Auburn University MS – Brunel University BS – University of Mauritius


Dr. Hema Ramsurn has worked with sub- and supercritical water as a liquefaction and gasification medium to depolymerize biomass to produce biofuels, biochar and syngas.  She joined the Russell School of Chemical Engineering at The University of Tulsa in August, 2014. Her current research interests are biomass-derived products, bio-based materials and gas-to-liquid catalytic conversion.

Research Interests

Supercritical Fluids
Bio-based Value-added Products and their Applications
Gas to Liquid Conversions

Teaching Interests

Fluid Mechanics
Chemical Engineering Principles
Renewable Energy
Health and Safety
Reaction Engineering


Journal Articles

Book Chapters

  • (1)
    Ramsurn , H.; Gupta , R. Biofuels in Air and Ground Transportation. In Green Energy and Technology; 2018; pp. 457-472.
  • (1)
    Ramsurn , H.; Gupta , R. Transformation of Biomass. In Handbook of Combustion, Volume 3: Gaseous and Liquid fuels; Wiley-VCH, 2015; Vol. 3.
  • (1)
    Ramsurn , H.; Gupta , R. Hydrogenation by Nanoparticles. In New and Future Developments in Catalysis. Catalysis by Nanoparticles; Elsevier, 2013.

Invited Reviewed Articles

  • (1)
    Ramsurn , H.; Ram , G. Nanotechnology in Bio and Solar Fuels. ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering Journal 2013, pp. 779-797.

Courses Taught

  • Research and Dissertation
  • Thermodynamics
  • Independent Study
  • Introduction to the Chemical Engineering Profession
  • Chemical Engineering Lab I
  • Chemical Process Health and Safety
  • Introductory Fluid Mechanics
  • Chemical Process Health Safety
  • Advanced Chemical Reactor Design

Professional Affiliations

  • Amrican Institute of Chemical Engineers
  • American Society for Engineering Education
  • American Chemical Society

Awards & Honors

  • 2019 Most Valuable Professor
  • AIChE Advisor Honor Roll
  • Omega Chi Epsilon Chemical Engineering 2019 Outstanding Teacher
  • 2019 Tau Beta Pi Teaching Excellence Award
  • Kermit Brown Award for Teaching Excellence
  • McLeod Outstanding Chemical Eng Graduate Student TA
  • Second Prize in Oral Competition
  • Third Prize in Poster Competition
  • First Prize in Poster Competition
  • Graduate Travel Award
  • Outstanding Dissertation Award
  • Outstanding Doctoral Student
  • Tau Beta Pi 2017 Teaching Excellence Award