Jingyi Chen, PhD

Jingyi Chen, PhD
L. Decker Dawson Associate Professor of Geophysics
College of Engineering & Natural Sciences
918-631-3014 Keplinger Hall Room L119


PhD – Beijing Institute of Geology and Geophysics MS – Jilin University BS – Changchun University of Science and Technology

Research Interests

Microseismic and Rock Physics in Unconventional Resources
Numerical Simulation of Seismic Wave Propagation
Seismic Reverse Time Migration and Inversion

Teaching Interests

Exploration Seismology
Seismic Inversion and Imaging
Seismic Numerical Modeling


Journal Articles

  • Durrani, Z.A. et al. “Rational Rock Physics for Improved Velocity Prediction and Reservoir Properties Estimation for Granite Wash (Tight Sands) in Anadarko Basin, Texas.” International Journal of Geophysics V (2014): n. pag. Print.

  • Reynolds, A. C., Chen, J. C., and Raghavan, R.: Pseudoskin Factor Due to Partial Penetration, Journal of Petroleum Technology (December 1984) 2197-2210.

Courses Taught

  • Seismic Data Processing and Interpretation
  • Independent Study
  • Integrated Seismic Data Interpretation
  • Research and Dissertation