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Justin Rawlins, PhD

Justin Rawlins, PhD
Assistant Professor of Media Studies and Film Studies
College of Arts & Sciences
Film Studies
Media Studies
918-631-2249 Oliphant Hall


PhD – Indiana University MA – Indiana University BA – Indiana University



  • Rawlins, Justin. “Your Guide to the Girls: Gilmore-Isms, Cultural Capital, and a Different Kind of Quality TV.” Screwball Television: Critical Perspectives on Gilmore Girls. Ed. David Scott Diffrient and David Lavery. Syracuse University Press, 2010. 35–56. Print.

  • Rawlins, Justin. “Over His Dead Body: Hedda Hopper and the Story of James Dean.” The Velvet Light Trap 71.1 (2013): 27–41. Print.

  • Rawlins, Justin. “Introduction: TV and Performance.” Journal of Film and Video 68.3-4 (2016): n. pag. Print.

  • Rawlins, Justin, and Zenia Kish. “‘Telling Stories Is the Most Powerful Thing’: Kony 2012 and Narrative [Dis]Unity.” In Media Res (2012): n. pag. Print.

  • Rawlins, Justin. “What Kind of ‘South’ Rises from the (Walking) Dead?” In Media Res (2012): n. pag. Print.

Courses Taught

  • Media, Culture and Power
  • Independent Readings
  • Internship
  • Media Production and Criticism

Professional Affiliations

  • American Studies Association
  • Society for Cinema and Media Studies