Jyoti Iyer - Faculty & Adjuncts

Jyoti Iyer, PhD

Jyoti Iyer, PhD
Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Biochemistry
College of Engineering & Natural Sciences
Chemistry and Biochemistry
918-631-2070 Website Keplinger Hall Room M227


PhD – University of Nebraska Medical Center BSc – North Dakota State University


Dr. Iyer's laboratory utilizes genetics, biochemistry, cell and molecular biology approaches to study the molecular mechanisms of cell division and disease progression using the worm C. elegans. As a majority of genes and molecular pathways are conserved between worms and humans, the information that is obtained upon carrying out research in worms will be applied to humans. The Iyer lab is currently utilizing the cutting edge CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing technology in C. elegans to re-create a mutation that is associated with a neurodevelopmental disorder called primary microcephaly in human patients. By modeling this disease in C. elegans, our lab hopes to gain a clearer understanding of the mechanism of disease progression. We hope that this information will aid in the development of therapy for primary microcephaly.

Research Interests

Modeling human diseases in C. elegans
Understanding the mechanisms of cell division Centrosome duplication
Spindle assembly
Drug discovery

Teaching Interests


Courses Taught

  • Undergraduate Research
  • Biochemistry I
  • Sophomore Seminar
  • Biochemistry I Laboratory
  • Introduction to Research
  • Senior Seminar I

Awards & Honors

  • Fellows Award for Research Excellence
  • SHARK tank Award