Keith Symcox - Faculty & Adjuncts

Keith Symcox, MS

Keith Symcox, MS
Applied Associate Professor
Applied Associate Professor in Chemistry & Biochemistry
College of Engineering & Natural Sciences
Chemistry and Biochemistry
918-631-2518 Keplinger Hall Room 2115


MS – University of Oklahoma BS – University of Oklahoma

Research Interests

Food Chemistry

Teaching Interests

General Chemistry and Laboratory
Chemistry of Cooking


Journal Articles

  • “Teaching, Art or Science,” Journal of Chemical Education, V.69, No.2, Feb. 1992, p.169

  • Project SEED,” Chemical & Engineering News, V.69, No.20, May 20, 1991, p.3

  • “A capstone course in culinary chemistry”, Journal of Chemical Education, submitted.


  • Using Food to Stimulate Interest in the Chemistry Classroom, Oxford University Press, ACS symposium series 1130, 2013

  • Chemistry Experiments, 2009, Hewitt Publishing, Denton, TX

  • Second Semester Chemistry Laboratory Manual, 1996-2006, Ronjon Publishers, Denton, TX

  • First Semester Chemistry Laboratory Manual, 1995-2006, Ronjon Publishers, Denton, TX

Courses Taught

  • Brewing Science Laboratory
  • Chemistry of Cooking
  • General Chemistry II
  • Introduction to Brewing Science
  • General Chemistry I
  • General Chemistry II Laboratory
  • Undergraduate Research

Awards & Honors

  • Outstanding Teacher Award