Lara Foley - Faculty & Adjuncts

Lara Foley, PhD

Lara Foley, PhD
Associate Professor of Sociology
College of Arts & Sciences
918-631-2050 Allen Chapman Student Union Room 233H


PhD – University of Florida MA – University of Georgia AB – University of Georgia


Lara Foley directs the Office of Integrative and Experiential Learning.

Research Interests

Sociology of Gender
Sociology of Medicine
Narrative Inquiry
Occupational Identities

Teaching Interests

Global Challenges
Sustainability and Urban Development
Global Health



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Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

  • Marvasti , A., L. Foley, and A. Delammermore. “Narrative Inquiry: Stories and Storytellers of Social Problems”. Researching Social Problems, 2019.
  • Foley , L. “How Occupational Identity Constructs Clienthood in Sexual Assault Exams”. Turning Troubles into Problems: Clientization in Human Services, 2013.
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  • Davis , J., and L. Foley. Themes and Dreams.

Book Reviews

  • Foley , L. Pregnancy in Practice: Expectations and Experience in the Contemporary US by Sallie Han. Vol. 28, Gender and Society, 2014, pp. 639-41.
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Courses Taught

  • Environmental Sociology
  • The Liberal Arts and Real Life
  • Contemporary and Emerging Issues
  • Sociology of Health, Illness, and Medicine
  • Global Challenges
  • Global Scholars Special Projects
  • Historical & Social Topics
  • Crime, Justice, and Social Order
  • Special Topics
  • Sustainability and Urban Development

Awards & Honors

  • Achievers Under 40
  • Oklahoma Magazine’s 40 Under 40
  • Finalist for the Paul Simon Spotlight Award