Laura Wilson, PhD, CCC-SLP, CBIST

Laura Wilson, PhD, CCC-SLP, CBIST
Assistant Professor of Speech-Language Pathology
College of Health Sciences
Communication Sciences and Disorders
918-631-2903 Chapman Center Room 103


PhD – Vanderbilt University MS – University of Tulsa BS – University of Tulsa


Journal Articles

  • McKenna, J., Wilson, L.D., Song, Y., Davidson, M.A., Humble, S.S., Ehrenfeld, J.M., Guillamondegui, O.D., Pandharipande, P.P., Patel, M.B. Tracheostomy risk factors and outcomes after severe traumatic brain injury. Brain Injury, 30(13-15), 1642-1647.

  • Humble, S., Wilson, L., Leath, T., Marshall, M., Sun, D., Pandharipande, P., & Patel, M. (2016). ICU sedation with dexmedetomidine after severe traumatic brain injury, 1-5.
  • Patel, M., Wilson, L., Bregman, J., Leath, T., Humble, S., Davidson, M., de Riesthal, M., & Guillamondegui, O. (2015). Neurologic Functional and Quality of Life Outcomes after TBI: Clinic Attendees versus Non-Attendees, 32, 984-9.
  • Alali, A.S, Mukherjee, K., McCredie, V.A., Golan, E., Shah, P.S., Bardes, J.M., Hamblin, S.E., Haut, E.R., Jackson, J.C., Khwaja, K., Patel, N.J., Raj, S.R., Wilson, L.D., Nathens, A.B., & Patel, M.B. (2017). Beta-blockers and traumatic brain injury: A systematic review, meta-analysis, and Eastern Association for the Surgery of Trauma Guideline. Annals of Surgery (in press).

Book Chapters

  • Wilson, L.D., Leath, T.C., & Patel, M.B. (2016). Management of paroxysmal sympathetic hyperactivity after traumatic brain injury in K.A. Heidenreich (Ed.), New therapeutics for traumatic brain injury: Prevention of secondary brain damage and enhancement of repair and regeneration (p. 145-154). Amsterdam: Elsevier.

Courses Taught

  • Research and Paper
  • Statistics for the Health Sciences
  • Fluency Disorders