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Mark Buchheim, PhD

Mark Buchheim, PhD
Chairperson, Department of Biological Science
Professor of Biological Science
College of Engineering & Natural Sciences
Biological Science
918-631-3833 Website Oliphant Hall Room 312


PhD – University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign MS – Iowa State University BA – Wartburg College


Mark Buchheim's primary research interests are focused on the phylogenetic reconstruction and molecular evolution of the green algae with particular emphasis on the genus Chlamydomonas and its allies (including Carteria, Chloromonas, and Chlorococcum). In addition, he remains interested in the enigmatic group of green algae known as the Sphaeropleaceae. His lab has been a leader in the use of ribosomal (18S, 28S and ITS) and chloroplast-encoded rbcL and atpB genes to infer phylogenetic relationships in the green algae. Buchheim served as PI and member of the Executive Committee of Deep Green, a USDA/NSF/DOE-funded project involving the coordination of research effort in green plant phylogeny (i.e., the study of phylogenetic relationships among the major green algal and embryophyte lineages). He also collaborated on a multi-investigator project to study microbial diversity at the Great Salt Plains of Oklahoma. Current research interests include diversity of the blood alga (Haematococcus) rRNA secondary structure analysis, sequence-structure data in phylogenetic reconstruction, rRNA intragenomic variation and the relationship between concerted evolution and sexual reproduction in green algae. In addition, graduate research in the lab has focused on Aspergillus diversity, molecular characterization of Juniperus pollen and the design of microbial consortia for wastewater remediation.

Research Interests

Eukaryotic Microbial Diversity
rRNA Evolution
Green Algal Systematics
Aquatic Biology

Teaching Interests

Introductory Biology
Algal Biology
Plant Diversity


Journal Articles

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Book Chapters

  • Chapman, R. L., Buchheim, M. A., Delwiche, C. F., Friedl, T., Huss, V. A. R., Karol, K. G., Lewis, L. A., Manhart, J., McCourt, R. M., Olsen, J. L., & Waters, D. A. 1998. Molecular systematics of the green algae. In: Soltis, D & Soltis, P. [Eds.] Molecular Systematics of Plants II. Chapman-Hall, pp. 508-540.


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Courses Taught

  • Plant Diversity
  • Research Experience
  • Senior Research in Biological Science II
  • Senior Seminar
  • Evolution
  • Independent Research
  • Senior Research in Biological Science I
  • Introduction to Organismal and Evolutionary Biology

Professional Affiliations

  • Botanical Society of America
  • National Association of Advisers for the Health Professions

Awards & Honors

  • Luigi Provasoli Award
  • Wartburg College Alumni Citation
  • Zelimir Schmidt Award for Outstanding Research