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Matteo Dalla Riva, PhD

Matteo Dalla Riva, PhD
Assistant Professor of Mathematics
College of Engineering & Natural Sciences
918-631-3675 Keplinger Hall Room 3105


PhD – University of Padova


Matteo Dalla Riva is an Assistant Professor of Mathematics in the College of Engineering and Natural Sciences at The University of Tulsa

Research Interests

– Applied Analysis
– Partial Differential Equations
– Boundary Integral Equations
– Singular Perturbation Problems
– Non Linear Problems

Teaching Interests

– Differential Equations
– Functional Analysis
– Potential Theory
– Measure Theory


  • Dalla Riva, Matteo, and Paolo Musolino. “A Mixed Problem for the Laplace Operator in a Domain with Moderately Close Holes.” Communications in Partial Differential Equations 41.5 (2016): 812–837. Print.

  • Dalla Riva, Matteo, and Paolo Musolino. “Moderately Close Neumann Inclusions for the Poisson Equation.” Mathematical Methods in the Applied Sciences (2016): n. pag. Print.

  • Bernardi, Olga, and Matteo Dalla Riva. “Analytic Dependence on Parameters for Evans’ Approximated Weak KAM Solutions.” Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems 37.9 (2017): 4625–4636. Print.

  • Costabel, Martin et al. “Converging Expansions for Lipschitz Self-Similar Perforations of a Plane Sector.” Integral Equations and Operator Theory 88.3 (2017): 401–449. Print.

  • Dalla Riva, Matteo, and P. Musolino. “The Dirichlet Problem in a Planar Domain with Two Moderately Close Holes.” Journal of Differential Equations 263.5 (2017): 2567–2605. Print.

Courses Taught

  • Differential Equations
  • Research and Thesis
  • Special Topics in Mathematics