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Matthew Hendricks, PhD

Matthew Hendricks, PhD
Associate Professor of Economics
College of Arts & Sciences
918-631-2923 Chapman Hall


PhD – University of Minnesota BA – St. John’s University


Published in the Journal of Public Economics and has received financial support from the Spencer Foundation

Research Interests

Labor Economics, Applied Econometrics, and Education Policy
The effects of teacher salaries on teacher productivity

Teaching Interests

Labor Economics
Applied Econometrics


  • Hendricks, Matthew, and Morris Kleiner. “Occupational Regulation of Child Care Services.” Stages of Occupational Regulation: Analysis of Case Studies. Ed. Morris M. Kleiner. Upjohn Institute , 2013. Print.

  • Hendricks, Matthew. “Towards an Optimal Teacher Salary Schedule: Designing Base Salary to Attract and Retain Effective Teachers.” (2015): n. pag. Print.

  • Hendricks, Matthew, Jane Lincove, and Matt Farber. “The Effects of Teacher Pay Polidies on Teacher Quality.” (2015): n. pag. Print.

Courses Taught

  • Principles of Economics Ii: Microeconomics
  • Microeconomic Theory