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Mauricio Papa, PhD

Mauricio Papa, PhD
Associate Professor of Computer Science
College of Engineering & Natural Sciences
Computer Science
918-631-2987 Rayzor Hall Room 2155


PhD – The University of Tulsa MS – The University of Tulsa BS – Universidad Central de Venezuela


Research Interests

Network Security
Distributed Process Control
Network Intrusion Detection
Protocol Analysis

Teaching Interests

Operating Systems
Computer Networks
Network Security
Computer Graphics
Cyber Physical Systems
Critical Infrastructure Protection


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  • Shenoi, Sujeet, and Mauricio Papa. Critical Infrastructure Protection IV. IFIP International Federation for Information Processing, 2010. Print.

  • G. Louthan, J. Daily, J. Hale, M. Papa, and P. Hawrylak, “Attack Graphs and Scenario Driven Wireless Computer Network Defense,” to appear in Situational Awareness in Computer Network Defense: Principles, Methods and Applications, IGI Global, Hershey, PA, 2011.

  • Mavridou, Anastasia, and Mauricio Papa. “A Situational Awareness Architecture for the Smart Grid.” Global Security, Safety and Sustainability & e-Democracy. Springer, 2012. 229–236. Print.

  • J. Edmonds, M. Papa, J. Hale, and S. Shenoi, “Modeling and Verifying Protocols with Key Chaining,” Proceedings of the Third Annual Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (IEEE) Information Assurance Workshop, West Point, New York, June 2001.

  • J. Edmonds, A. el-Semary, J. González-Pino, and M. Papa, “Implementation of a Hybrid Intrusion Detection System using FuzzyJess,” Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Enterprise Information Systems (ICEIS), Miami, Florida, May 2005.

  • Dawkins, Jerald et al. “A Framework for Unified Network Security Management: Identifying and Tracking Security Threats on Converged Networks.” Journal of Network and Systems Management 13.3 (2005): 253–267. Print.

  • Chris Reynolds, Charles Bales, Will Nichols, Casey Strong, John Hale, Mauricio Papa, Peter J. Hawrylak, “Cyber-Security Experimentation Platform for Instrumentation and Control Systems in a Nuclear Reactor,” Advances in Nuclear Nonproliferation Technology & Policy Conference, Sept. 25-30, 2016, Santa Fe, NM, US., 4 pages.

Courses Taught

  • Fundamentals of Computer Graphics
  • Research and Dissertation
  • Special Topics in Computer Science
  • Computer Networks