Meagan Baskin, PhD

Meagan Baskin, PhD
Chapman Assistant Professor of Management
College of Business
Management and Marketing
918-631-2954 Helmerich Hall Room 302-B


PhD – University Of Oklahoma MS – University Of Oklahoma BA – University Of Montana

Research Interests

Employee Deviance and Ethical Behavior
Employee Compensation/Benefits
Strategic Human Resource Practices

Teaching Interests

Human Resource Management
Organizational Behavior
Ethical Decision-Making


Journal Articles

  • Brock Baskin, M. E., McKee, V. M. (2019). Employee Perceptions of Climate as an Antecedent of Time Banditry in the Workplaces. International Journal of Selection & Assessment, 27, 83-89.

  • Gerlich, R. N., Drumheller, K. D., Clark, R., & Brock Baskin, M. E. (2018). Mechanical Turk: Is it just another convenience sample? Global Journal of Business Disciplines, 2(1), 45-55.

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  • Rogers, B, Vardaman, J. Allen, D., Muslin, I. & Brock Baskin, M. E. (2017). Turning up by turning over: The Change of Scenery Effect in Major League Baseball. Journal of Business and Psychology, 32(5), 547-560.

  • Brock BaskinM., VardamanJ., & HancockJ. (2015). The Role of Ethical Climate and Moral Disengagement in Well-Intended Employee Rule Breaking, 16, 71-90.
  • Kinsky, E. S., Drumheller, K., Gerlich, R. N., Brock Baskin, M. E., & Sollosy, M. (2015). The effect of socially mediated public relations crises on planned behavior: How TPB can help both corporations and nonprofits. Journal of Public Relations Research, 27(2), 136-157.

  • De’Armond, D., Brock Baskin, M. E., Kinsky, E., Drumheller, K., & Gerlich, R. N. (2014). The Impacts of Social Media Interaction on Stakeholder Outcomes: An Examination of Lowe’s Home Improvement Store. Journal of Retail Analytics, 10 (1), 28-34.

  • Brock Baskin, M. E., Zeni, T, & Buckley, M. R. (2014). Understanding applicant withdrawal: Can organizations prevent it and should they even try? International Journal of Selection & Assessment, 22(2), 190–198.

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  • Vardaman, J., Cornell, P., Allen, D., Gondo, M. B., Muslin, I., Mobley, R. N., Brock, M. E., Sigmon, T. L. (2014). Part of the job: The role of working conditions in the turnover process. Healthcare Management Review, 39(2), 164-173.

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  • Brock, M. E., Martin, L. E., & Buckley, M. R. (2013). Time theft in organizations: The development of the time banditry questionnaire. International Journal of Selection and Assessment, 21(3), 309-321.

  • Brock, M. E. & Buckley, M. R. (2012). The role of stress in workers’ compensation: Past, present and future. Public Personnel Management, 41(1), 1-14.

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  • BaskinM., & SkousenC. Corporate Cash Holdings and Readability of Annual Reports.
  • BaskinM., SkousenC., & SunL. Corporate Cash Holdings and Readability of Annual Reports.

Book Chapters

  • Klotz, A. C., Wheeler, A. R., Halbesleben, J. R. B., Brock, M.E., & Buckley, M. R. (2011). Can reward systems influence the creative individual? In M. D. Mumford (Ed.), Handbook of organizational creativity. Oxford, UK: Elsevier Science.

Courses Taught

  • Principles of Management
  • Human Resource Management
  • Organizational Behavior

Professional Affiliations

  • Society of Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Society of Human Resources Management
  • Southern Management Association
  • Academy of Management
  • Oklahomma City Human Resources Society

Awards & Honors

  • Shark Tank Research Grant
  • College of Business Summer Funding
  • Chapman Professorship
  • CCB Excellence in Teaching Award
  • Faculty Development Summer Fellowship
  • Most Valuable Professor