Mehmet Sevkli - Faculty & Adjuncts

Mehmet Sevkli

Mehmet Sevkli
Visiting Assistant Professor of Data Analytics
College of Business
Finance and Operations Management


PhD – Istanbul Technical University


Dr. Mehmet Sevkli got his Ph.D. degree in the field of Industrial Engineering from Istanbul Technical University in Istanbul, Turkey. His primary research interests include management science, data analysis/business analytics, predictive and prescriptive analytics, operations management, and optimization. In particular, he has focused on developing a new metaheuristics approach to combinatorial optimization problems such as job scheduling, facility location, and vehicle routing problems. He has several papers published in prestigious academic journals and numerous national and international conference papers.

Research Interests

Machine Learning Algorithms
Supply Chain Management Metaheuristics Applied to Combinatorial Optimization Problems
Multi-Criteria Decision Making
Operations Scheduling
System Simulation
Fuzzy Logic
Linear and Integer Programming

Teaching Interests

Business Statistics and Analytics
Operations Management
Applied Data Science with Python, Tableau and R Programming
Machine Learning algorithms using sckitlearn and workflow Supply Chain Management
Production Planning and Control
Operations Research (Deterministic and Stochastic) System Simulation using ANYLOGIC and ARENA Software
Metaheuristic Optimization
Job Scheduling
Linear and Integer Programming using Xpress MP or GUROBI Software