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Mengjiao Yu, PhD

Mengjiao Yu, PhD
Professor of Petroleum Engineering
College of Engineering & Natural Sciences
Petroleum Engineering
918-631-5170 Stephenson Hall Room 2260


PhD – University of Texas-Austin MS – University of Texas-Austin MS – Tsinghua University BS – Tianjin University


Research Interests

Drilling and Well Completion
Drilling Fluids
Fluid Rheology and Hydraulics
Wellbore Stability
Shale and Shale Stability
Cuttings Transport
Drillstring Mechanics
Downhole and Surface Measurement
Drilling Automations
Large Scale Engineering Simulations

Teaching Interests

Drilling Engineering
Drilling Fluids
Math Modeling in Drilling Engineering
Engineering Programming


  • Dokhani, Vahid, Yue Ma, and Mengjiao Yu. “Determination of Equivalent Circulating Density of Drilling Fluids in Deepwater Drilling.” Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 34 (2016): 1096–1105. Print.

  • Dokhani, Vahid, and Mengjiao Yu. “Effects of Sorptive Tendency of Shale on Borehole Stability.” Journal of Geological Resource and Engineering 5 (2016): 195–209. Print.

  • Dokhani, Vahid, Mengjiao Yu, and Ben Bloys. “A Wellbore Stability Model for Shale Formations: Accounting for Strength Anisotropy and Fluid Induced Instability.” Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering 32 (2016): 174–184. Print.

  • Dokhani, Vahid et al. “Investigating the Relation Between Sorption Tendency and Hydraulic Properties of Shale Formations.” Journal of Energy Resources Technology 140.1 (2018): 012902. Print.

Courses Taught

  • Independent Study
  • Research and Dissertation
  • Advanced Drilling

Professional Affiliations

  • Society of Petroleum Engineers

Awards & Honors

  • Best Drilling Technology Finalist
  • SPE Distinguished Lecturer