Nagu Daraboina, PhD

Nagu Daraboina, PhD
Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering
College of Engineering & Natural Sciences
Chemical Engineering


PhD – University of British Columbia MS – Indian Institute of Science


Nagu Daraboina is an assistant professor at the Russel School of Chemical Engineering and associate director of Tulsa University Paraffin Deposition Projects (TUPDP). He also leads several projects in Tulsa University Center of Research Excellence (TUCoRE). Dr. Daraboina holds M.E. (2008) degree in Chemical Engineering from Indian Institute of Science (IISc, India), and a Ph.D. (2012) degree in Chemical and Biological Engineering from University of British Columbia (UBC, Canada). During doctoral degree (2010) Nagu worked as a Visiting Scholar in National Research Council of Canada, Ottawa (NRC, Canada) and gained valuable experience in molecular level techniques (Raman, NMR, DSC, XRD etc). From 2012 to 2014, Nagu worked as postdoctoral research fellow in Centre for Energy Resources Engineering (CERE) at Denmark Technical University (DTU, Denmark) and acquired skills in experimental and computational petroleum thermodynamics. His main research interest is in the areas of flow assurance, carbon dioxide capture & storage, petroleum thermodynamics, and polymer degradation. He has authored or coauthored more than 30 publications in these areas.

Research Interests

Flow Assurance
Hydrocarbon Thermodynamics
Energy and Environment

Teaching Interests

Heat Transfer
Fluid Mechanics


Journal Articles

Conference Proceedings

  • Agarwal, J. et al. “Effect of Hydrodynamic Parameters on the Wax Mass Density: Scale up from Laboratory Flow Loop to Crude Production Pipelines.” Proceedings of the Annual Offshore Technology Conference. Vol. 1. 2017. 664–674. Print.

  • Dubey, Anshul, Yuandao Chi, and Nagu Daraboina. “Investigating the Performance of Paraffin Inhibitors under Different Operating Conditions.” Proceedings – SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition. 2017. Print.

  • Daraboina, N., A. Soedarmo, and C. Sarica. “Microscopic Study of Wax Inhibition Mechanism”. Proceedings of the Annual Offshore Technology Conference, Vol. 2, 2016, pp. 1240-9.
  • Zhong, D., N. Daraboina, and P. Englezos. “Coal Mine Methane Gas Recovery by Hydrate Formation in a Fixed Bed of Silica Sand Particles”. Energy and Fuels, Vol. 27, 2013, pp. 4581-8.

Book Chapters

Courses Taught

  • Heat Transfer
  • Research and Dissertation
  • Thermodynamics

Professional Affiliations

  • Society of Petroleum Enginers
  • American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE)

Awards & Honors

  • Energy: Outstanding reviewer Award
  • Outstanding Reviewer Award; Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering
  • Fuel : Outstanding Reviewer Award
  • Outstanding Reviewer Award