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Nicki Aubuchon-Endsley

Nicki Aubuchon-Endsley
Nicki Aubuchon-Endsley
McFarlin Associate Professor in Psychology
College of Arts & Sciences
Lorton Hall Room 307B


Nicki Aubuchon-Endsley is an Associate Professor of Psychology for the Henry Kendall College of Arts & Sciences at The University of Tulsa.

Research Interests

My research interests span the fields of health psychology, developmental psychobiology, and neuroscience. Our current interdisciplinary research projects include multi-method assessment of mental and physical health markers, behaviors, and outcomes in historically under-resourced communities and/or with those at risk for health inequities.

Our primary focus has been on investigating maternal pre- and postnatal health in relation to infant/child development and biopsychosocial processes underlying these relations.

Additional projects have included examination of social factors that influence responses to health messages, neurocognitive assessment and treatment barriers with individuals diagnosed with chronic illnesses (e.g., HIV and Hepatitis C), benefits of integrated care in underserved samples, and relations between diet and mental health in Division 1 women athletes.

Courses Taught

  • Clinical Assessment: Personality
  • Cognitive and Affective Psychology
  • Cognitive/Affective Psychology
  • Clinical Assessment: Intellectual
  • Special Topics in Psychology