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Ralph Jackson, PhD

Ralph Jackson, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Marketing and Business Administration
College of Business
Management, Marketing, and International Business
918-631-2407 Helmerich Hall Room 215F


PhD – Texas A&M University MA – Texas Christian University BA – Houston Baptist University


Ralph Jackson became a member of the faculty at The University of Tulsa upon completion of his doctoral program in 1985.  During his time at TU, he has served for about 20 years as Department Chair and is now serving as Associate Dean in the Collins College of Business. While he has published journal articles and textbooks in various areas, his research of late is focusing on Ethics and Social Responsibility in business as well as in non-profit marketing.

Research Interests

Social Responsibility in Business
Volunteer and Donor Behavior
Sales/Sales Management
Buyer Behavior

Teaching Interests

Principles of Marketing
Business Ethics
Social Responsibility in Business
Marketing Channels
B2B Marketing
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Research


Journal Articles

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Conference Proceedings

  • Jackson, Ralph, and Gail Zank. “Factors Impacting Environmentally-Related Consumer Behavior.” Society for Marketing Advances – 2001 Proceedings, 2001. Print.

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Book Chapters

  • Jackson , R. “The Effect of Approved Vendors Lists on Industrial Marketing”. Yes, Vol. 3, Advances in Business Marketing/JAI Press, Inc., 1988, pp. 79-94.

Working Papers

  • Jackson , R. “Decsion-Making Approach and Its Effect on Ethics in an Organization”. The Dissolution of Ethical Decision-Making in an Organization.


  • Senese , J., R. Jackson, and A. Rasher. Qualitative Case Study of Arrow Trucking — Draft.


  • Jackson , R., and J. Zboja. Factors Impacting Charitable Contributions and Volunteerism.

Professional Affiliations


Awards & Honors

  • Mayo Teaching Excellence Award
  • The University of Tulsa Medicine Wheel Award
  • Outstanding Teacher Award
  • University of Tulsa Outstanding Teaching Award