Rex Zedalis - Faculty & Adjuncts

Rex Zedalis, LL.M, JD

Rex Zedalis, LL.M, JD
Director of Comparative and International Law Center
Professor Emeritus of Law
College of Law
918-631-3050 College of Law Room 208


JSD – Columbia University LLM – George Washington University JD – Pepperdine University BA – California State University


Professor Zedalis received his J.D. from Pepperdine University, his LL.M. (with highest honors) from George Washington University, and a J.S.D. from Columbia University. His areas of special interest include law relating to international energy resources and international trade and investment matters. His articles on the export control aspects of the Chemical Weapons Treaty were recently published in the International Lawyer and the American Journal of International Law. Before he joined TU College of Law in 1981, he was a Cutting Fellow in International Law at Columbia University and was a research associate with the International Comparative Law Program at George Washington University. He also served in the general counsel offices of the U.S. International Trade Commission and the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Research Interests

His most recent research interests have focused on aspects of Iraqi oil and gas law, but have included international economic law, arms control, and self-defense.

Teaching Interests

International Energy
International Trade Law
Property Law and associated courses like land use controls, and financing land transactions


Law Reviews

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  • Rex Zedalis, Do the Property Law Principles of a Personal “Benefit” Affecting the Runnability of a “Burden” and the Rule Against Perpetuities Render Unenforceable Promises to Pay Money When Transferred Land is Used For Specified Energy Activities?, 51 Tulsa Law Review 759 (2016).

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  • Rex Zedalis, Oil and Gas in the Disputed Kurdish Territories: Jurisprudence, Native Peoples and Natural Resources, and Regional Minorities in a Federal System (2012).

  • Rex Zedalis, Claims Against Iraqi Oil and Gas: Legal Complications and Lessons Learned (2010).

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Courses Taught

  • Property
  • International Energy and Natural Resources Law
  • Financing Land Transactions

Awards & Honors

  • Outstanding Law Professor (Section 003)
  • Outstanding Law Professor of the Year
  • University Outstanding Professor of the Year
  • Outstanding Law Professor
  • Outstanding Teacher Award