Richard Redner - Faculty & Adjuncts

Richard Redner, PhD

Richard Redner, PhD
Professor of Mathematics
College of Engineering & Natural Sciences
918-631-2634 Keplinger Hall Room 3185


PhD – University of Houston MS – University of Houston BS – Guilford College

Research Interests

Mathematical Statistics
Applied Analysis

Teaching Interests

Advanced Calculus
Numerical Optimization
Discrete and Integral Transforms


Journal Articles

  • Masri, Riad, and Richard Redner. “Convergence Rates for Uniform B-Spline Density Estimators on Bounded and Semi-Infinite Domains.” Journal of Nonparametric Statistics 17 (2005): 555–582. Print.

  • Malley, James et al. “Estimation of Linkage and Association from Allele Transmission Data.” Biometrical Journal 45 (2003): 349–366. Print.

  • Bailey Wilson, Joan et al. “Comparison of Novel and Existing Methods for Detection of Linkage Disequilibrium Using Parent-Child Trios in the GAW12 Genetic Isolate Simulated Data.” Genetic Epidemiology (2001): supp1. 378–383. Print.

  • Redner , R. Convergence Rates for Uniform B-Spline Density Estimators Part II: Multiple-Dimensions. Vol. 12, Journal of Nonparametric Statistics, 2000, pp. 753-77.
  • Redner, Richard. “Convergence Rates for Uniform B-Spline Density Estimators Part I: One-Dimensions.” SIAM Journal on Scientific Computation 29.6 (1999): 1929–1953. Print.

  • Bonet-Cunha, L., Oliver, D.S., Redner, R.A. and Reynolds, A.C.: Hybrid Markov Chain Monte Carlo Method for Generating Permeability Fields Conditioned to Multiwell Pressure Data and Prior Information, SPE Journal, Vol. 11, No. 3 (Sept. 1998), 261-271.

  • Carvalo, R., Redner, R. A., Thompson, L. G. and Reynolds, A. C.: Simple Procedures for Imposing Constraints for Nonlinear Least Squares Optimization, Soc. Pet. Eng. J. (Dec. 1996), 395-402.

  • Nishikiory, N., Redner, R., Doty, D.R. and Schmidt, Z.: “An Improved Method for Gas Lift Allocation Optimization,” SPE 19711, ASME Journal of Energy Resources Technology, (June 1995) 87–92.

  • The Akaike Information Criterion and Its Application to Mixture Proportion Estimation. 1982.

Conference Proceedings

  • Carvalho, R. S., Redner, R. A., Thompson, L. G., and Reynolds, A. C.: Robust Procedures for Parameter Estimation by Automated Type-Curve Matching, paper SPE 24732, Proceedings of 1992 SPE Annual Technical Conference and Exhibition, Washington, D.C., October 4-7, 1992.

Technical Reports

  • Nishikiori, N., Schmidt, Z., Redner, R.A., Doty, D.R., “Gas Allocation Optimization for Continuous Flow Gas Lift Systems,” a report submitted to TUALP member companies, May, 1989.

Courses Taught

  • Introduction to Advanced Mathematics
  • Statistical Learning
  • Advanced Calculus I
  • Stochastic Modeling and Simulation
  • Independent Study
  • Residency
  • Numerical Optimization

Awards & Honors

  • he University of Tulsa Outstanding Teacher of the Year
  • Mortar Board Professor of the Year
  • Outstanding Teacher Award
  • Adrea Bregman Service Award