Robert Strattan - Faculty & Adjuncts

Robert Strattan

Robert Strattan
Professor Emeritus of Electrical Engineering
College of Engineering & Natural Sciences
Electrical and Computer Engineering


Journal Articles

  • Fuel Economy and Emission Performance of Fuel Cell-Based Diesel HEVs. Vol. 5, Journal of fuel cell science and technology, 2008, p. 011013.
  • ECG Data Compression Techniques-a Unified Approach. Vol. 37, Biomedical Engineering, IEEE Transactions on, 1990, pp. 329–343.
  • Compression of Holter ECG Data. Vol. 24, Biomedical sciences instrumentation, 1987, pp. 35–45.

Conference Proceedings

  • Strattan, Robert D., Henshaw, John M., and Doudican, J. Chip, “Hybrid-Electric Vehicle to Achieve the 80 MPG Goal”, ASEE (American Society of Engineering Educators) Conference Proceedings, Manhattan, KS, 1995.

  • “The University of Tulsa ‘Hybrid Hurricane'”, John M. Henshaw, Robert D. Strattan, Irvin T. Smith, Eric Sager, and Charles Tompkins, published in Innovations in Design: The 1993 Ford Hybrid Electric Vehicle Challenge, pp. 265-275, Society of Automotive Engineers special publication SP-980, 1994.