Ronald Jepperson - Faculty & Adjuncts

Ronald Jepperson, PhD

Ronald Jepperson, PhD
Professor Emeritus of Sociology
College of Arts & Sciences
918-631-3900 Chapman Hall Room 223


PhD – Yale University MSc – London School of Economics MA – Stanford University BA – Stanford University


Ron Jepperson received his education in the social sciences at Stanford, the London School of Economics, and Yale. His scholarly work concentrates on long-term institutional and cultural changes in societies, on belief systems, and on basic theoretical and methodological issues regarding the practice of social science. Jepperson teaches a wide range of courses in these areas as well as various courses on statistics, research methods, and critical thinking. He has taught at the University of Washington and Stanford as well as TU. He has also worked in applied research, consulting, and administrative positions for Recht Hausrath & Associates (Urban Planning & Economics), the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University, the Program in Urban Studies at Stanford, the Stanford Program in International Legal Studies, the Institution for Social & Policy Studies at Yale University, and Q2 Consulting in Tulsa. In the latter positions he has worked on a wide range of social and public policy issues.

Research Interests

Long-term cultural and institutional changes, including changes in belief systems.
Program evaluation for non-profit and governmental organizations.


Journal Articles

  • “Multiple levels of analysis and the limitations of methodological individualisms.” Sociological Theory 29 (2011): 54-73. (Jepperson and John W. Meyer.)

  • “Political Modernities: Disentangling Two Underlying Dimensions of Institutional Differentiation.” Sociological Theory 20 (2002).

  • “The ‘Actors’ of Modern Society: The Cultural Construction of Social Agency.” Sociological Theory 18 (2000):100-120. [John W. Meyer & Jepperson.]

  • “What Properties of Culture Should We Measure?” Poetics 22 (1993/4). (Jepperson and Ann Swidler.)

Book Chapters

  • “The Development and Application of Sociological Neo-Institutionalism,” pp. 229-266 in New Directions in Contemporary Sociological Theory, ed. by J. Berger & M. Zelditch (Rowman & Littlefield, 2002).

  • “Norms, Identities, and Security in the Contemporary World System.” Ch. 2 in The Culture of National Security, ed. by P.J. Katzenstein, Columbia Univ. Press, 1996. (Jepperson, Alex Wendt, and Peter Katzenstein.)

  • “Institutions, Institutional Effects, and Institutionalism.” In The New Institutionalism in Organizational Analysis, ed. by Walter W. Powell and Paul J. DiMaggio (Univ. of Chicago Press, 1991).

Courses Taught

  • Independent Study
  • Social Trends
  • Sociological Theory
  • The Anthropology of Globalization
  • Statistics for the Social Sciences
  • Global Trends
  • Special Topics
  • First Seminar
  • Political Sociology