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Roni Amit

Roni Amit
Assistant Clinical Professor of Law
College of Law
918-631-5860 Legal Clinic Room 1119


PhD – University of Washington MA – The George Washington University JD – New York University School of Law BA – Tulane University


Roni Amit is an assistant clinical professor and director of the Terry West Civil Legal Clinic. She has worked on access to justice and human rights issues in Israel, South Africa, and the US. Most recently, she worked with immigrant communities on Long Island at the Deportation Defense Clinic at Hofstra University School of Law. Her scholarship focuses on rights protection, administrative processes, and the efficacy of public interest litigation. She has a PhD in political science from the University of Washington, a master’s degree from the Elliott School of International Affairs at the George Washington University, and a JD from New York University.

Teaching Interests

Clinical Teaching, Immigration Law, Administrative Law, International Law, Professional Responsibility,
Human Rights, Critical Legal Studies, Law and Social Science, Comparative Law


Book Chapters

  • Roni Amit, The expansion of illegality: immigration detention in South Africa, in Immigration Detention 159-167 (2015).

Journal Articles

  • Roni Amit, (Dis) placing the Law: Lessons from South Africa on Advancing US Asylum Rights, 20 Loyola Journal of Public Interest Law (2018).

  • Roni Amit & Loren Landau, Refugee protection is politics, Afrika S”ud (2016).

  • Roni Amit, Queue Here for Corruption: Measuring Irregularities in South Africa’s Asylum System, Lawyers for Human Rights and the African Centre for Migration & Society Report (2015).

  • V Gastrow & Roni Amit, The role of migrant traders in local economies: A case study of Somali spaza shops in Cape Town, Mean streets: Migration, xenophobia and informality in South Africa, Cape Town: Southern African Migration Programme 162-177 (2015).

  • Roni Amit & Norma Kriger, Making migrants’ il-legible’: The policies and practices of documentation in post-apartheid South Africa, 40 Kronos 269-290 (2014).

  • Loren Landau & Roni Amit, Wither policy? Southern African perspectives on understanding law,‘refugee’policy and protection, 27 Journal of Refugee Studies 534-552 (2014).

  • Roni Amit, Security rhetoric and detention in South Africa, Forced Migration Review (2013).

  • Roni Amit, All roads lead to rejection: Persistent bias and incapacity in South African refugee status determination, ACMS Report, June 2012 (2012).

  • Rosalind Elphick & Roni Amit, Border justice. Migration, access to justice and the experiences of unaccompanied minors and survivors of sexual and gender-based violence in Musina, African Centre for Migration and Society research Re-port: Johannesburg. Online: ww. migration. org. za/sites/default/files/bor-der_justice_migration_access_to_justice_and_the_experience_of_unaccompanied_minors_and_sgbv. pdf. Accessed December (2012).

  • Roni Amit, Breaking the law, breaking the bank: the cost of Home Affairs’ illegal detention practices, September (2012).

  • V Gastrow & Roni Amit, Elusive Justice. Somali traders’ access to formal and informal justice mechanisms in the Western Cape, ACMS Research Report (2012).

  • Roni Amit, No Way In: Barriers to Access, Service and Administrative Justice at South Africa’s Refugee Reception Offices, Barriers to Access, Service and Administrative Justice at South Africa’s Refugee Reception Offices (September 15, 2012) (2012).

  • Roni Amit, No refuge: Flawed status determination and the failures of South Africa’s refugee system to provide protection, 23 International Journal of Refugee Law 458-488 (2011).

  • Roni Amit, Winning isn’t everything: Courts, context, and the barriers to effecting change through public interest litigation, 27 South African Journal on Human Rights 8-38 (2011).

  • Roni Amit, Lost in the vortex: irregularities in the detention and deportation of non-nationals in South Africa, FMSP Research Report, June 2010 (2010).

Courses Taught

  • Advanced Terry West Civil Legal Clinic
  • Terry West Civil Legal Clinic