Svetlana Orlova - Faculty & Adjuncts

Svetlana Orlova, PhD

Svetlana Orlova, PhD
Assistant Professor of Finance and International Business
College of Business
Finance, Operations Management and International Business
918-631-2861 Helmerich Hall Room 112B


PhD – Oklahoma State University MBA – Northern Arizona University – Moscow (Lomonosov) State University


Journal Articles

  • Orlova , S., J. Harper, and L. Sun. Determinants of Capital Structure Complexity. Vol. Volume 110, Journal of Economics and Business, 2020.
  • Orlova , S. Cultural and Macroeconomic Determinants of Cash Holdings Management. Vol. Volume31, Journal of International Financial Management and Accounting, 2020, pp. Pages 270-294.
  • Orlova, Svetlana, Sun, Li, and Miranda Lopez, Jose. “CEO Centrality and Cash Holdings .” Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting (2019): n. pag. Print.

  • Orlova, Svetlana, and Sun, Li. “Institutional Determinants of CH-SOA.” Global Finance Journal 37, August 2018 (2018): 123–137. Print.

  • Orlova, Svetlana, Bick, Patty, and Sun, Li. “Fair Value Accounting and Corporate Cash Holdings.” Advances in Accounting 40, March 2018 (2018): 98–110. Print.

  • Orlova, Svetlana, and Ramesh Rao. “Cash Holdings Speed of Adjustment.” International Review of Economics and Finance 54.March 2018 (2018): 1–14. Print.

  • Orlova, Svetlana, Ramesh Rao, and Tony Kang. “National Culture and the Valuation of Cash Holdings.” Journal of Business Finance and Accounting 44.1-2 (2017): 236–270. Print.

  • Orlova , S., and G. Harper. National Culture and Leverage Adjustments. Review of Behavioral Finance.

Courses Taught

  • International Business Finance
  • Intermediate Corporate Finance
  • Financial Institutions and Markets
  • Long-Term Financial Decisions

Awards & Honors

  • 2017 Summer Faculty Fellowship