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Tamara Piety, LL.M, JD

Tamara Piety, LL.M, JD
Professor Emerita of Law
College of Law
918-631-2490 College of Law Room 2406


LLM – Harvard University JD – University of Miami BA – Florida International University


Tamara R. Piety is the author of BRANDISHING THE FIRST AMENDMENT, as well as numerous articles and essays about commercial and corporate speech. Her most recent articles include, “Why Personhood Matters,” in CONSTITUTIONAL COMMENTARY and “The First Amendment and the Corporate Civil Rights Movement” in the JOURNAL OF BUSINESS AND TECHNOLOGY LAW. She contributed a post on the McCutcheon election law case for SCOTUSBLOG and was a guest blogger on CONCURRING OPINIONS’ for a post commemorating the 5th Anniversary of the Citizens United decision. Professor Piety has been interviewed a number of times by print and broadcast media about election law, corporate personhood, advertising and commercial speech. She has been invited to give presentations to the National Association of Attorneys General, the Federal Trade Commission, Yale Law School, and many scholarly and professional organizations. In the spring 2015 she was a Senior Research Scholar in Law at Yale Law School and a Visiting Scholar in Residence at the Information Society Project at Yale Law School. Piety was also an inaugural fellow at the Oklahoma Center for the Humanities.

Research Interests

Professor Piety is an internationally known expert on the issue of corporate and commercial speech and is the author of “Brandishing the First Amendment.” She writes about corporate and commercial speech and the First Amendment, the regulation of advertising, and the influence of advertising, as well as corporate governance, corporate social responsibility, political speech and related topics.

Teaching Interests

Evidence, Expert Evidence, Basic Corporate Law, Remedies, and Women ad the Law.


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  • Tamara Piety, Brandishing the First Amendment: Commercial Speech in America 342 (2012).

Book Chapters

  • Tamara Piety & Samantha Graff, The New First Amendment and Its Implications for Combating Obesity Through Regulation of Advertising, in Advances in Communication Research to Reduce Childhood Obesity (2013).

Conference Proceedings

  • Killing the Golden Goose: Will Blended Advertising and Editorial Content Diminish the Value of Both?,


Courses Taught

  • Expert Evidence

Professional Affiliations

  • American Bar Association
  • National Association Of Criminal Defense Lawyers
  • American Association of University Professors
  • Law & Society Association
  • Scientific Board
  • Yale Law School’s Information Society Project
  • Free Speech for People