Tim Hart - Faculty & Adjuncts

Tim Hart, PhD

Tim Hart, PhD
Chapman Assistant Professor of Management
College of Business
Management and Marketing
918-631-3221 Helmerich Hall Room 303D


PhD – The University of Oklahoma JD – The University of Tulsa BS – Oral Roberts University


Tim Hart researches in the areas of corporate social responsibility and sustainability, organizational learning, and corporate executives. His work has been published in Strategic Organization, Business & Society, and Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, among other outlets. He has lived in the Great Plains most of his life and has either worked at or attended school at The University of Tulsa, Oral Roberts University, The University of Oklahoma, Oklahoma State University (Stillwater and Tulsa) and Tulsa Community College. Prior to joining academia, Dr. Hart practiced corporate law at the Tulsa firm of Barber & Bartz and also worked in industry as a corporate trainer and supervisor at a local tax software company. Tim is a devoted husband and father and enjoys spending time outdoors with his family.

Research Interests

Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability
Strategic Management

Teaching Interests

Strategic Management
Corporate Social Responsibility and Sustainability


Journal Articles

  • Shao, F., & Hart, T. A. (2017). Unbundling the effect of prior invention experience from firm size on future exploratory and exploitative search behaviors. Innovation: Organization & Management, 19(2): 227-244.

  • Hart, T. A., Gilstrap, J. B., & Bolino, M. C. 2016. Organizational citizenship behavior and the enhancement of absorptive capacity. Journal of Business Research, 69(10): 3981-3988.

  • Hart, T. A., Fox, C. J., Ede, K. F., & Korstad, J. 2015. Do, but don’t tell: The search for social responsibility and sustainability in the websites of the top-100 US MBA programs. International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education, 16(5): 706-728.

  • Hart, T. A., David, P., Shao, F., Fox, C. J., & Westermann-Behaylo, M. 2015. An examination of the impact of executive compensation disparity on corporate social performance. Strategic Organization, 13(3): 200-223.

  • Hart, T. A., & Sharfman, M. 2015. Assessing the Concurrent Validity of the Revised Kinder, Lydenberg, and Domini Corporate Social Performance Indicators. Business & Society, 54(5): 575-598.

  • Mitchell, J. R., Hart, T. A., Valcea, S., & Townsend, D. M. 2009. Becoming the boss: Discretion and postsuccession success in family firms. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 33(6): 1201-1218.

  • Townsend, D. A., & Hart, T. A. 2008. Perceived institutional ambiguity and the choice of organizational form in social entrepreneurial ventures. Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, 32(4): 685-700.

  • Hart, T. A. 2001. Taxing E-Commerce: The sales and use tax question. Tulsa Law Review, 37: 397-423.

Conference Proceedings

  • Gilstrap, J. B., & Hart, T. A. 2012. How employee behaviors contribute to firms’ absorptive capacities. Academy of Management Proceedings, 2012(1): 1-1: doi:10.5465/AMBPP.2012.5316.

Book Chapters

  • Hart, T. A., Fox, C. J., Korstad, J., & Nill, E. E. (2017). Sustainable MBAs: A phase model development of sustainability in MBA education. In J. A. Arevalo, & S. Mitchell (Eds.), Handbook of Sustainability in Management Education: In Search of a Multidisciplinary, Innovative and Integrated Approach. Cheltenham, UK and Northampton, MA. US: Edward Elgar Publishing.

Courses Taught

  • Principles of Management
  • Social Responsibility in Business
  • Corporate and Business Strategy
  • Strategic Management

Professional Affiliations

  • Strategic Management Society
  • Academy of Management

Awards & Honors

  • Ronald B. Shuman Memorial Business Award
  • Ben Barnett Doctoral Student Scholarship
  • Richard W. Poole Research Excellence Award
  • Daniel Wren Student Support Scholarship
  • Michael F. Price College of Business Doctoral Student Summer Research Fellowship Grant Competition Award
  • 2015 Best-in-Track Paper Organization Theory / International Management
  • Business Faculty of the month
  • Golden Torch Award Recipient
  • 2018 Helmerich Graduate Faculty Excellence Award
  • 2017 Collins College of Business Mayo Teaching Excellence Award
  • 2016 Collins College of Business Excellence in Teaching Award Nomination