Travis Lowe, PhD

Travis Lowe, PhD
Assistant Professor of Sociology
College of Arts & Sciences
918-631-3220 Website Chapman Hall


PhD – University of Connecticut MA – University of Connecticut BA – University of Maine-Farmington


Travis Lowe has published research on racial income inequality in urban areas and locational attainment. His current research focuses on changes in perceived job and labor market precarity from the 1970s to the present.

Research Interests

Work and Occupations
Urban Sociology
Social Stratification/Inequality


Journal Articles

  • Lowe, Travis Scott. 2018. “Perceived Job and Labor Market Insecurity in the United States: An Assessment of Workers’ Attitudes from 2002 to 2014.” Work and Occupations. 45(3):313-345.

  • Lowe, Travis Scott and Michael Wallace. 2017. “Occupational Race Segregation, Globalization, and White Advantage: White-Black Earnings Inequality in U.S. Metropolitan Areas.” Sociological Perspectives 37(6):353-370.

  • Fischer, Mary, and Travis Lowe. “Homebuyer Neighborhood Attainment in Black and White: Housing Outcomes during the Housing Boom and Bust.” 93.4 (2015): 1481–1512. Print.

  • Gauchat, Gordon et al. “The Military Metropolis: Defense Dependence in U.S. Metropolitan Areas.” 10 (2011): 25–48. Print.

  • Wallace, Michael, and Travis Lowe. “Work Values and Job Rewards among European Workers.” 22 (2011): 43–84. Print.

Book Chapters

  • Lowe, Travis, and Michael Wallace. “White-Hispanic Earnings Inequality in Urban Labor Markets: A Study of White Advantage.” Hispanics in the U.S. Labor Market. Ed. Richard Verdugo. Information Age Publishers, 2013. 61–90. Print.


  • Lowe, Travis. “Occupational Segregation by Gender and Race.” Ed. J. Geoffrey Golson Vicki Smith. Sage Publications (2013): 635–639. Print.

Courses Taught

  • Independent Study
  • Inequality in American Society
  • Statistics for the Social Sciences
  • The Sociological Imagination: An Introduction to Sociology
  • Urban Sociology
  • Real World Data Applications
  • Sociology of Work and Occupations

Professional Affiliations

  • American Sociological Association
  • Eastern Sociological Society

Awards & Honors

  • Sanders-Taylor-Tuchman Travel Award
  • Ronald Taylor Award for Outstanding Graduate Student Paper