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Ty Johannes, PhD

Ty Johannes, PhD
Wellspring Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering
College of Engineering & Natural Sciences
Chemical Engineering
918-631-2947 Keplinger Hall Room 3375


PhD – University of Illinois MS – University of Illinois BS – Oklahoma State University


Research Interests

Directed Evolution
Synthetic Biology
Algae Biofuels

Teaching Interests

Chemical Reactor Design
Biochemical Engineering
Fluid Mechanics
Heat Transfer


  • Pourmir, Azadeh, and Tyler Johannes. “Directed Evolution: Selection of the Host Organism.” Computational and structural biotechnology journal 2.3 (2012): 1–7. Print.

  • Pourmir, Azadeh, Samaneh Noor-Mohammadi, and Tyler Johannes. “Production of Xylitol by Recombinant Microalgae.” Journal of biotechnology 165.3 (2013): 178–183. Print.

  • Zou, Yaozhong et al. “Crystal Structures of Phosphite Dehydrogenase Provide Insights into Nicotinamide Cofactor Regeneration.” Biochemistry 51.21 (2012): 4263–4270. Print.

  • Key, Katherine et al. “An In Situ Bioreactor for the Treatment of Petroleum Hydrocarbons in Groundwater.” Remediation Journal 23.3 (2013): 55–84. Print.

  • Key, Katherine et al. “Assessing BTEX Biodegradation Potential at a Refinery Using Molecular Biological Tools.” Groundwater Monitoring & Remediation 34.1 (2014): 35–48. Print.

  • Noor-Mohammadi, Samaneh, Azadeh Pourmir, and Tyler Johannes. “Method for Assembling and Expressing Multiple Genes in the Nucleus of Microalgae.” Biotechnology letters 36.3 (2014): 561–566. Print.

Courses Taught

  • Master's Project
  • Introduction to Chemical Engineering
  • Master's Project
  • Process Component Design
  • Research and Dissertation

Professional Affiliations

  • AIChE

Awards & Honors

  • Outstanding Teacher Award
  • Kermit E. Brown Award for Teaching Excellence
  • Tau Beta Pi Teaching Excellence Award