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Warren Booth, PhD

Warren Booth, PhD
Associate Professor of Biological Science
College of Engineering & Natural Sciences
Biological Science
918-631-3421 Oliphant Hall Room 315


PhD – Queen’s University of Belfast BSc – Queen’s University of Belfast


Research Interests

Molecular Ecology
Population and Evolutionary Genetics
Invasive Species Biology
Spatiotemporal Metapopulation Dynamics
Distribution and Evolution of Facultative Parthenogenesis

Teaching Interests

Vertebrate Physiology
Molecular Ecology
Species Invasion
Evolutionary Genetics


  • Taylor, E. N. & Booth, W. Rattlesnakes as Models for Reproductive Studies of Vertebrates. In Rattlesnakes of Arizona (Eds. G.W. Schuett., R. S. Reiserer, & C.F. Smith). Ecouniverse Herpetological Publishing. Rodeo, NM

  • Booth, W., Schal, C. & Vargo, E.L. Population genetics of bed bugs. In Advances in the Biology and Management of Modern Bed Bugs (Eds. S.L. Doggett., D.M. Miller. & C.Y, Lee). John Wiley & Sons, New Jersey, U.S.A.

  • Card, Daren et al. “Phylogeographic and Population Genetic Analyses Reveal Multiple Species of Boa and Independent Origins of Insular Dwarfism.” Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution 102 (2016): 104–116. Print.

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  • Keane, Kit T., Peggy S. M. Hill, and Warren Booth. 2016. The kin selection hypothesis in a lekking mole cricket: assessing nested patterns of relatedness. Biological Journal of the Linnean Society. doi: 10.1111/bij.12738

  • Gamble, Tony et al. “The Discovery of XY Sex Chromosomes in a Boa and Python.” Current Biology 27.14 (2017): 2148–2153.e4. Print.

  • Runjaic, Jelena et al. “No Detectable Insecticide Resistance in Swallow Bugs (Hemiptera: Cimicidae) Following Long-Term Exposure to Naled (Dibrom 8).” Journal of Medical Entomology 54.4 (2017): 994–998. Print.

  • Hannebaum, S.L1., Brown, C.R. & Booth, W. Ecological and phenotypic effects on the habitat transitions of white-footed mice, Peromyscus leucopus. Journal of Mammalogy.

Courses Taught

  • Independent Research
  • Research Experience
  • Vertebrate Physiology
  • Vertebrate Physiology Lab

Professional Affiliations

  • Society for the Study Evolution
  • American society of ichthyologists and herpetologists
  • Society for the Study of Reptiles and Amphibians
  • Entomological Society of America
  • American Genetics Association