Alexei Grigoriev PhD

Associate Professor of Physics and Engineering Physics College of Engineering & Natural Sciences
Physics and Engineering Physics
Curriculum Vitae [PDF]

Ph.D., St. Petersburg State University
B.S., St. Petersburg State University

Experimental Studies of Ferroelectric and Piezoelectric Materials
Multifunctional Materials
Thin Films
X-Ray Microdiffraction
Time Resolved X-Ray Scattering
Thin Film Growth

Thermal Physics
Instrumentation Methods
General Physics

PHYS 2063 General Physics II
PHYS 3043 Statistical and Thermal Physics
PHYS 3112 Physics Instrumentation Laboratory
PHYS 3122 Instrumentation Methods Laboratory
PHYS 4053 Introduction to Material Science
PHYS 4971 Undergraduate Research
PHYS 4981 Senior Thesis
PHYS 7083 Statistical Mechanics
PHYS 7971 Graduate Seminar
PHYS 7982 Research and Thesis
PHYS 9982 Research and Dissertation