Anupama Narayan PhD

Associate Professor of Psychology Henry Kendall College of Arts & Sciences


Presently, Anupama Narayan is primarily interested in the issues of individual and team performance and effectiveness specifically focusing on the role of individual motivation and both surface and deep-level diversity issues. In some initial research in collaboration with other colleagues, she has explored the role of gender composition of dyads on performance on a computer-based task that was embedded in either a masculine or feminine context. Results highlighted the complicated nature of gender composition of teams as an influence on performance.

Ph.D., Wright State University
MPhil, University of Delhi
M.S., Wright State University
M.A., University of Delhi
B.A., University of Delhi

Primary: Individual and Team effectiveness, Diversity, Motivation
Secondary: Training and Development, Organizational Culture and Climate, Work-family interface

Undergraduate: Introduction to Social Psychology, Psychology of Work
Graduate: Survey of Organizational Psychology, Teams

The following may be selected publications rather than a comprehensive list.

Journal Article

Miles*, S. R., Cromer, L. D. & Narayan, A. (2015). Applying Equity Theory to students’ perceptions of research participation requirements. Teaching of Psychology. (Journal 5 year Impact Factor: 0.83).

Technical Reports

Narayan, Anupama et al. Tulsa Jewish Retirement & Health Center: Research Findings, Analysis, and Recommendations. 2014. Print.

Narayan, Anupama, and D Simonet. Clarehouse Program Evaluation. 2013. Print.

Narayan, Anupama, C Brown, and K Hannaim. Global Community Staff Development Training Needs Assessment (Phase 1). 2013. Print.

Narayan, Anupama et al. Sanctuary Church: Final Data Fsummary and Recommendations. 2011. Print.

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Narayan, Anupama et al. Sanctuary Church Preliminary Data: Demographic Information and Patterns of Satisfaction. 2010. Print.

Academy of Management
Association for Psychological Science
Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

PSY 3053 Social Psychology
PSY 7633 Survey of Organizational Psychology
PSY 7663 Teams