Avi Mintz PhD

Associate Professor of Education Henry Kendall College of Arts & Sciences


Avi Mintz teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on the foundations of education, philosophy of education, character education, and the history of educational thought. Additionally, he teaches courses on Ancient Greece and the Enlightenment through TU's Honors Program.

Ph.D., Columbia University
M.A., University of Toronto
B.A., University of Toronto

The history of educational philosophy, with a focus on Plato, Rousseau, and Dewey
The place of religious schooling in modern democracies

Foundations of Education
Philosophy of Education
History of Educational Thought
Character Education

The following may be selected publications rather than a comprehensive list.


Discipline, Devotion, and Dissent: book panel,” Canadian Society for the Study of Education, June 2013.

Book Chapters

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Book Reviews

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Journal Articles

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Conference Proceedings

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Regular Column in Journal or Newspaper

“Religious Schooling in the United States and Canada,” Tulsa Jewish Review, April 2013, p.4.

American Educational Research Association
Association for Moral Education
American Association for Teaching and Curriculum
Canadian Philosophy of Education Society
Philosophy of Education Society
Philosophy of Education Society of Great Britain

EDUC 2043 The American School
EDUC 2253 History of Western Educational Philosophy
EDUC 3733 Measurement and Evaluation
EDUC 7003 Philosophy of Education
EDUC 7173 Research Proposal
EDUC 7973 Seminar:
FS 1973 First Seminar
HON 1003 Greek History, Philosophy and Drama