Mohan Kelkar PhD, JD

Williams Professor of Petroleum Engineering College of Engineering & Natural Sciences
McDougall School of Petroleum Engineering

Ph.D., University of Pittsburgh
M.S., University of Pittsburgh
J.D., The University of Tulsa
B.S., University of Bombay

Integrated Reservoir Modeling
Liquid Loading

Petroleum Economics and Property Evaluation
Unconventional Resources
Integrated Reservoir Modeling

The following may be selected publications rather than a comprehensive list.

Journal Article

Skopich, Anton et al. “Pipe-Diameter Effect on Liquid Loading in Vertical Gas Wells.” SPE Production & Operations 30.02 (2015): 164–176. Print.

PE 3003 Petroleum EcoNomics and Property Evaluation
PE 3323 Unconventional Resources
PE 4863 Special Topics in Petroleum Engineering
PE 7983 Research and Thesis
PE 7983 Research and Thesis
PE 9983 Research and Dissertation