Christine J. Ruhl PhD

Assistant Professor of Geosciences College of Engineering & Natural Sciences
Curriculum Vitae [PDF]


Using observational geophysics to investigate large and small earthquakes worldwide, Dr. Christine J. Ruhl answers outstanding questions about one of the Earth's most devastating phenomenon. Areas of particular interest include microseismicity, seismic sequences, and seismotectonics; fault growth and mechanics; earthquake source physics; ground motion; and real-time hazard monitoring and response.

Earthquake Early Warning;
Earthquake Source Parameters and Rupture Physics;
Clustering, Swarms, and Foreshocks;
Geodetic Observations of Earthquakes;
Earthquake Relocation, Kinematic Studies, and Stress Field Analysis;
Induced Seismicity of Oklahoma

Structural Geology;
Programming for the Natural Sciences;
Earthquake and Fault Mechanics;
Observational Geophysics