Dennis Kerr PhD

Department Chairperson of Geosciences
Associate Professor of Geosciences College of Engineering & Natural Sciences


Dennis Kerr's specializes in clastic sedimentology. He has several years of experience in the petroleum industry and petroleum geology related research. His research interests include application of physical sedimentology and facies architecture to address questions regarding basin evolution and reservoir characterization. Kerr has collaborated with faculty and students from other disciplines including geophysics, petroleum engineering and mathematics. Topics of current interest include: relationship between facies architectural elements and permeability anisotropy for eolian and meandering fluvial systems; Pennsylvanian sequence stratigraphy of northeastern Oklahoma platform and Arkoma basin and controls on distribution of oil, gas and coal resources; and tectonic evolution of the Ouachita trough (i.e. closure of Rheic Ocean) as expressed in the physical sedimentology, provenance and chemostratigraphy of the Atoka Formation.

Ph.D., University of Wisconsin-Madison
M.S., San Diego State University
B.A., California State University-Fresno

Meandering Fluvial Facies
Architecture and Reservoir Characterization
Eolian Facies Architecture and Reservoir Characterization
Granite Wash Sedimentology and Dequency Stratigraphy
Deep-water Atoka Sedimentation in the Ouachita Trough
Pennsylvanian Sequency Stratigraphy of Northeastern Oklahoma Platform and Arkoma Basin

Sedimentary Rocks and Processes
Clastic Sedimentology and Depositional Systems
Advanced Stratigraphic Analysis
Sandstone Petrography

The following may be selected publications rather than a comprehensive list.


Tapp, J., Dennis Kerr, and Alex Aviantara. “Preliminary Report to Marathon Research on Facies and Fracture Architecture of the Tensleep Sandstone.” (1996): n. pag. Print.

GEOL 3151 Sedimentary Rocks and Processes Laboratory
GEOL 3153 Sedimentary Rocks and Processes
GEOL 4573 Geoscience Internship
GEOL 7313 Clastic Sedimentology and Depositional Systems
GEOL 7333 Advanced Stratigraphic Analysis
GEOL 7333 Advanced Stratigraphic Analysis
GEOL 7353 Sandstone Petrography
GEOL 7986 Research and Thesis
GEOL 9981 Research and Dissertation
MSE 7113 Earth's Physical Environment