Elizabeth McCormick JD

Director of Clinical Education Programs
Associate Dean of Experiential Learning
Associate Clinical Professor of Law College of Law
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Professor McCormick joined the faculty at TU College of Law in 2005, where she founded and continues to direct the Immigrant Rights Project, a law school clinical education program in which law students represent clients in immigration matters. Since 2008, McCormick has served as Director of Clinical Education Programs at the College of Law and, in 2015, Professor McCormick was appointed Associate Dean for Experiential Learning. In addition to teaching students in the Immigrant Rights Project Clinical Program, McCormick also teaches Immigration Law and International Refugee and Asylum Law.

McCormick’s scholarship and advocacy focus on immigration law and policy, in particular the intersection of federal immigration law and policy and state and local immigration enforcement efforts. In her most recent article in the Lewis & Clark Law Review, McCormick examines the twenty year history of two federal “anti-sanctuary” laws, the ways in which state and federal courts have understood their meaning and purpose, and the evolving role of the statutes in the national immigration debate, in particular the struggle to define the proper role for state and local governments in immigration enforcement. In her 2012 article in the Stanford Law and Policy Review, which draws heavily on her own experiences with students and clients in the Tulsa community, McCormick examines the detrimental impact of local anti-immigrant bias on the implementation of a federal immigration benefit designed to protect immigrant victims of violent crime, and proposes regulatory reforms to ensure protection for these victims. McCormick’s scholarship has also explored the history of immigration to and immigrant life in Oklahoma, and the reaction of state legislators, law enforcement agencies, and residents to recent and dramatic shifts in the state’s immigrant population. In a 2009 article in the Georgetown Immigration Law Journal, McCormick examined the history and the impact of the Oklahoma Taxpayer and Citizen Protection Act (HB 1804), Oklahoma’s comprehensive experiment in immigration regulation, and considered how it is that Oklahoma found itself on the front lines of the illegal immigration debate. In 2007, she received the Josephine Yalch Zekan Award for Best Scholarly Article in Faith and Law for her article Hospitality: How a Biblical Virtue Could Transform United States Immigration Policy.

Before joining the faculty at TU, McCormick was a member of the clinical faculty at Cornell Law School and the University of Connecticut School of Law. While at the University of Connecticut, McCormick co-founded and taught in the Asylum & Human Rights Clinic. She holds a BA from Fordham University, an MA from New York University, and a JD from Georgetown Law Center, where she served as a senior editor of the Georgetown Immigration Law Journal. She is admitted to practice in Oklahoma, Connecticut, and Pennsylvania.

J.D., Georgetown University
M.A., New York University
B.A., Fordham University

The following may be selected publications rather than a comprehensive list.

Law Reviews

Federal Anti-Sanctuary Law: A Failed Approach to Immigration Enforcement and a Poor Substitute for Real Reform, 20 Lewis & Clark L. Rev. 165 (2016).

Rethinking Indirect Victim Eligibility for U Visas To Better Protect Immigrant Families and Communities, 22 Stan. L. & Pol'y Rev. 587 (2011).

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Book Chapter

Oklahoma, in Contemporary Immigration in America: A State-by-State Encyclopedia (Kathleen R. Arnold ed., 2015).

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