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Chair, Management and Marketing
Warren Clinic Associate Professor of Sports Administration Collins College of Business
Management and Marketing


Adrien Bouchet currently serves as the Warren Clinic Endowed Professor of Sport Management in the Collins College of Business. His articles have appeared in Journal of Services Marketing, Developments in Marketing Science, Journal of Consumer Behavior, Journal of Sport Management, Sport Management Review, Sport Marketing Quarterly, Managerial Finance, and OMEGA - International Journal of Management Science. His paper (with a co-author) from a Knight Commission of Intercollegiate Athletics grant was featured on His 2015 article (with co-authors) "The role of reputation, status, and university endowment in increased athletic competition" evidence from NCAA division I" won the best paper in the strategy track at the Southern Management Association. Bouchet is a NASSM Research Fellow and won the Collins College of Business Mayo Excellence in Research award in 2015.

Ph.D., Texas A&M University
M.S., Arizona State University
B.S., Auburn University

Organizational theory, marketing research within sports organizations, escalation and de-escalation within intercollegiate athletics, marketing, organizational behavior, management theory

Management & marketing issues in sport

The following may be selected publications rather than a comprehensive list.

Journal Articles

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Written Case with Instructional Materials

Walkup, Brian, Frank Bouchet, and Kaelynn Lemke. Corporate Ownership Model: Should Borussia Dortmund Take on an Equity Partner? Vol. 16. Journal of Business Cases and Applications, 2016. Print.

Bouchet, Frank, Michael Troilo, and Jeffrey Paul. Gazprom, Russia, and the Theory of Soft Power: Strategic Positioning through Football Sponsorships. The Case Research Journal, 2019. Print.

Conference Proceeding

Bajaj, Akhilesh, and Frank Bouchet. "The Role of Intensity of Alumni Sports Site Usage on Social Capital, Team Identification and Purchase Intentions." Association of Business Information Systems, 2015. Print.

Magazine/Trade Publication

Bouchet, Frank, Michael Troilo, and Brian Walkup. “‘Is Chevrolet’s Stock Price Affected When Manchester United Travels Abroad?’ .” 2014: n. pag. Print.

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