George Miller PhD

Department Chairperson of Physics and Engineering Physics
Ruth and William Kistler Jr., Professor of Physics College of Engineering & Natural Sciences
Physics and Engineering Physics
Keplinger Hall 1155 918-631-3021

Ph.D., University of Waikato
M.S., University of Waikato
B.S., University of Waikato

Application and Evaluation of Laser Cavity Ringdown Spectroscopy for Atomic and Molecular Spectroscopy
Fundamental Properties of Low-temperature Plasmas
Environmental Emission Monitors

General Physics
Statistical & Thermal Physics
Senior Physics Laboratory

PHYS 2061 General Physics II Laboratory
PHYS 2073 General Physics III
PHYS 3072 Senior Physics Laboratory
PHYS 4102 Engineering Physics Project I
PHYS 4201 Engineering Physics Project II
PHYS 4982 Senior Thesis
PHYS 7971 Graduate Seminar
PHYS 9981 Research and Thesis