Heather Anderson PhD

Assistant Professor of Management Collins College of Business
Management and Marketing

M.B.A., University of Oklahoma
B.S., Brigham Young University

The following may be selected publications rather than a comprehensive list.

Journal Articles

Baur, John et al. "Beyond Banning the Box: A Conceptual Model of the Stigmatization of Ex-Offenders in the Workplace." Human Resource Management Review 28.2 (2018): 204–219. Print.

Bradley, Bret et al. "When Conflict Helps: Integrating Evidence for Beneficial Conflict in Groups and Teams under Three Perspectives." Group Dynamics 19.4 (2015): 243–272. Print.

Book Chapter

Bolino, Mark, William Turnley, and Heather Anderson. "The Dark Side of Proactive Behavior: When Being Proactive May Hurt Oneself, Others, or the Organization." Proactivity at Work: Making Things Happen in Organizations. 2016. 499–529. Print.


Anderson, Heather et al. "What Works for You May Not Work for (Gen)Me: Limitations of Present Leadership Theories for the New Generation." Leadership Quarterly 28.1 (2017): 245–260. Print.

Steele, Logan et al. "The Reestablishment of the Journal of Management History: A Quantitative Review of 2005 to 2009." Journal of Management History 21.4 (2015): 439–452. Print.