Hema Ramsurn PhD

Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering College of Engineering & Natural Sciences
Russell School of Chemical Engineering
Curriculum Vitae [PDF]


Hema Ramsurn has worked with sub- and supercritical water as a liquefaction and gasification medium to depolymerize biomass to produce biofuels, biochar and syngas.  After her graduation, Dr. Ramsurn was appointed as a post-doctoral fellow at Auburn University to start an industry-funded project that involved deposition of nanoparticles on fabrics for UV protection.  She joined the Russell School of Chemical Engineering at The University of Tulsa in August, 2014. Her current research interests are biomass-derived products and gas-to-liquid conversion.

Ph.D., Auburn University
M.S., Brunel University
B.S., University of Mauritius

Supercritical Fluids
Bio-based Value-added Products and their Applications
Gas to Liquid Conversions

Fluid Mechanics
Chemical Engineering Principles
Renewable Energy
Health and Safety
Reaction Engineering

The following may be selected publications rather than a comprehensive list.

Journal Articles

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Invited Reviewed Article

Ramsurn, H.; Ram, G. ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering Journal 2013, pp 779–797.

American Chemical Society
Amrican Institute of Chemical Engineers
American Society for Engineering Education

CHE 7983 Research and Thesis
ES 3003 Introductory Fluid Mechanics
ES 3053 Thermodynamics