Jeremy Edwards Ph.D.

Adjunct College of Engineering & Natural Sciences
Physics and Engineering Physics

Ph.D., The University of Tulsa

The following may be selected publications rather than a comprehensive list.

Journal Article

Edwards, Jeremy, Brenton McLaury, and Siamack Shirazi. “Modeling Solid Particle Erosion in Elbows and Plugged Tees.” Journal of Energy Resources Technology 123.4 (2001): 277–284. Print.

Technical Reports

Edwards, J.K. and Shirazi, S.A., "Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Simulation of Tank Cleaning," Summary Report prepared for Heath Services, May, 1999

Edwards, J.K. and Shirazi, S.A., "Baker Oil Tools Safety Valve Erosion Study," Summary Report prepared for Baker Oil Tools, January 1998.

Edwards, J.K., and Shirazi, S.A., "Experimental Evaluations and Analysis of Wear Resistance Coatings," Final Report to Chevron, December, 1996.


Edwards, J.K., McLaury, B.S., and Shirazi, S.A., "Erosion Prediction in Elbows and Plugged Tees," Paper No. ETCE00-ER-033, ETCE 2000 / OMAE 2000 Joint Conference of ASME Petroleum Division, February 14-17, 2000.

Edwards, J.K, Erdal, F.M., McLaury, B.S., and Shirazi, S.A., "Validation of a CFD Code for Tangentially Injected Swirling Flows and Flow in 90 degree Elbows," Paper No. FEDSM99-6785, 3rd ASME/JSME Joint Fluids Engineering Conference, San Francisco, CA, July 18-23, 1999.

ES 3003 Introductory Fluid Mechanics
PHYS 2053 General Physics I