Jon Arnold PhD

Director of Classical Studies
Associate Professor of History Henry Kendall College of Arts & Sciences


Jonathan Arnold is trained as an ancient and medieval historian and is also a Latinist. His professional research focuses on the late antique and early medieval West, with an emphasis on Gaul and Italy. He is especially interested in the disintegration of the Western Roman Empire and questions of identity at this time (5th and 6th centuries). Arnold's recent book, Theoderic and the Roman Imperial Restoration (CUP 2014), examines such questions within the context of "Ostrogothic" Italy, placing this "barbarian" kingdom firmly within the Roman imperial tradition. He is coeditor of A Companion to Ostrogothic Italy (Brill 2016) and is currently preparing a select translation of Magnus Felix Ennodius for Liverpool University Press' Translated Texts for Historians Series. At TU he is the Director of Classical Studies.  He teaches courses in ancient and medieval history and also moonlights in film studies.

Ph.D., University of Michigan
Graduate Certificate, University of Michigan
M.A., University of Michigan
B.A., University of Maine
B.A., University of Maine

Late Roman and early medieval Mediterranean; Late Antiquity; the Fall of Rome; barbarians and barbarian kingdoms.

Greek, Roman, and Medieval History
Film Studies

HIST 2313 Ancient World
HIST 2363 Medieval World
HIST 3503 The Middle Ages on Film
HIST 3783 Greece and Rome in Film
HIST 3813 The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire
HIST 3903 History Colloquium
HIST 4803 Topics in Greek History
HIST 4873 Topics in Medieval Hist
HIST 7313 Readings in the History of the Ancient World and Europe to 1700