Kaveh Ashenayi PhD, PE

Department Chair of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Hans S. Norberg Professor of Electrical and College of Engineering & Natural Sciences
Electrical and Computer Engineering


Kaveh Ashenayi's areas of research are Robotics and Automation, Power Engineering, Soft Computing (neural net, fuzzy logic, etc.) and its applications in Biomedical and Power Engineering. He is a senior member of IEEE and has served as the national chairman of Control, Robotics, and Automation Special Interest Group within INNS. Currently he is member of IEEE PES Energy Development and Power Generation (EDPG) Committee.

Ph.D., Oklahoma State University
B.S., Oklahoma State University

Power and Energy Systems
Smart Grid
Autonomous Vehicles

Power and Energy Systems
Intelligent Systems/Controls

The following may be selected publications rather than a comprehensive list.

Journal Articles

K. H-Sedighi, K. Ashenayi, T.W. Manikas, and R.L. Wainwright, “A Genetic Algorithm for Autonomous Navigation Using Variable-Monotone Paths”, International Journal of Robotics and Automation, vol. 24, no.4, 2009, pp.367-373.

Theodore W. Manikas, Kaveh Ashenayi, Roger L. Wainwright, “Genetic Algorithms for Autonomous Robot Navigation”, IEEE Instrumentation & Measurement Magazine, Vol. 10, No. 6, December, 2007.

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Ashenayi, Kaveh et al. “Single-Layer Perception Capable of Classifying 2N+ 1 Distinct Input Patterns.” International journal of modelling & simulation 10.4 (1990): 124–128. Print.

Conference Proceedings

Andrew Hand, Jagruthi Godugu, Kaveh Ashenayi, Theodore W. Manikas, Roger L. Wainwright, “Benchmarking Robot Path Planning”, ANNIE 2005, November, 2005.

Kamran Sedighi, Kaveh Ashenayi, Theodore Manikas, Roger L. Wainwright, and Tai, Heng-Ming, "Autonomous Local Path-Planning for a Mobile Robot Using a Genetic Algorithm”, Proceedings of the 2004 IEEE Congress on Evolutionary Computation, pp. 1338-1345, June 20-23, 2004, Portland, Oregon, USA.

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EE 1001 Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering
EE 2003 Electric Circuit Analysis
EE 3033 Electric Power Systems
EE 4103 Electrical Engineering and Computer Design Project I
EE 4133 Power Systems Analysis
EE 4233 Alternative Energy Sources
EE 4413 Introduction to Neural Networks
EE 7013 Random Processes in Engineering
EE 7913 Design Report
EE 7983 Research and Thesis