Keith Wisecarver PhD

A. Paul Buthod Professor of Chemical Engineering College of Engineering & Natural Sciences
Russell School of Chemical Engineering

Ph.D., Ohio State University
M.S., Ohio State University
B.S., Ohio State University

Petroleum Refining Processes
Natural Gas Processing

Chemical Engineering Design
fluid Mechanics
Heat and Mass Transfer

The following may be selected publications rather than a comprehensive list.


Amey, M.J., Benard, A., Chase, G.G., Evans, E.A., Jayaraman, K., Mohan, R.S., Parks, S.M., Petty, C.A., Shoham, O., Shirazi, S.A., Wisecarver, K.D., and Zhuang, M.: “NSF Combined Research and Curriculum Development on Multiphase Transport Phenomena,” ASEE Annual Conference Proceedings, 2002 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition: Vive L’ingenieur, 2002, pp. 9877-9886.

CHE 4000 Chemical Engineering Lab I
CHE 4023 Natural Gas Plant Design
CHE 4083 Chemical Engineering Plant Design
CHE 7003 Fluid Mechanics
CHE 7043 Heat and Mass Transfer
CHE 7983 Research and Thesis
CHE 9983 Research and Dissertation
ES 3003 Introductory Fluid Mechanics