Lee Nichols PhD, RN

Associate Professor of Nursing Oxley College of Health Sciences
School of Nursing


Lee Nichols completed a two year postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Alabama Civitan International Research Center after completing her PhD in nursing clinical research at the University of Arizona College of Nursing. Her program of research is with American Indian families with children with developmental disabilities, American Indian family research, American Indian ethics and research, and American Indian nurse leadership. Dr. Nichols has also developed in partnership with other American Indian nurse leaders an American Indian nurse leadership curriculum and model. She conducts research on American Indian nurse leadership and taught a leadership workshop for Indian Health Service. Dr. Nichols was recipient for the University of Tulsa 2015 Medicine Wheel Award for meritorious community service.

Ph.D., University of Arizona
M.S., University of Arizona
B.S.N., Arizona State University

The following may be selected publications rather than a comprehensive list.


Nichols, L. A., Lauderdale, J., & Clutter, L. B. (2015). Culturally Competent Theoretical Frameworks for Assessment of Native American Families. (Draft revision for submission).

AHS 4043 Introduction to Applied Health Care Research
NSG 1001 Nursing Orientation
NSG 2264 Nursing Science I
NSG 3164 Nursing Science II
NSG 3274 Nursing Interventions III
NSG 4154 Applied Science IV
NSG 4164 Nursing Science IV
NSG 4174 Nursing Interventions IV