Scott Carter PhD

Associate Professor of Economics Henry Kendall College of Arts & Sciences


Scott Carter received his Ph.D. in Economics from the New School for Social Research in New York City in 2004. His research includes empirical and theoretical inquiries in functional income distribution, Sraffian and Marxian political economy, capital theory, comparative theories of value, distribution and growth, the economics of immigration, and the history of economic thought. He is currently working on (i) the intellectual history of the neoclassical capital theorist C.E. Ferguson; (ii) original research at the Sraffa Archives in Cambridge, U.K.; (iii) developments in the Marxian theory of value and the "problem" of the transformation, with special emphasis on the so-called "New Solution"; (iii) the economics of immigration in the State of Oklahoma regarding the recent passage of anti-illegals legislation; and (iv) empirical tests of convergence in factor shares across advanced economies.

Ph.D., New School for Social Research-New York City
M.A., New School for Social Research
M.A., University of South Florida
B.A., University of South Florida

The following may be selected publications rather than a comprehensive list.

Book Chapters

Carter, Martin. “Sraffa and the Standard Commodity.” The Other Sraffa: Surprises in the Archive? 2014. Print.

Carter, Martin. “Latin American Migrations to the US Heartland: Demographic and Economic Activity in Six Heartland States, 2000-2007.” Latin American Migrations to the US Heartland: Changing Social Landscapes in Middle America. Ed. Linda Allegro and Andrew Grant Wood. 2013. Print.

Carter, Martin. “On the Corrected Organic Composition of Capital.” Sraffa and the Reconstruction of Economic Theory: Volume Three:Sraffa's Legacy: Interpretations and Historical Perspective. Vol. 3. 2013. Print.

Carter, Martin. “Sraffa, the General Rate of Profit, and the Theory of the Firm: A Conjectural Approach.” Alternative Theories of Competition: Challenges to the Orthodoxy. Ed. Andres Lazzarini, Cyrus Bina James Moudud, and Patrick Mason. 2012. Print.

Journal Articles

Carter, Martin. “Response to Professor Solow.” Research in Political Economy Fall (2014): n. pag. Print.

Carter, Martin. “From Pool of Profit to Surplus Ad Deficit Industries: Archival Evidence on the Evolution of Piero Sraffa's Thought.” Research in Political Economy Fall (2014): n. pag. Print.

Carter, Martin. “C. E. Ferguson's Lost Reply to Joan Robinson on the Neoclassical Theory of Capital.” Journal of the History of Economic Thought 34.1 (2012): 21–41. Print.

Carter, Martin. “A Simple Model of the Surplus Approach to Value, Distribution and Growth.” American Journal of Economics and Sociology 70.5 (2011): 1117–1146. Print.

Carter, Martin. “C. E. Ferguson and the Neoclassical Theory of Capital: A Matter of Faith.” Review of Politcal Economy 23.3 (2011): 339–357. Print.

Carter, Martin. “On the Cobb-Douglas and All That: The Solow-Simon Correspondence over the Neoclassical Aggregate Production Function.” Journal of Post Keynesian Economics 34.2 (2011): 255–274. Print.

Carter, Martin. “Real Wage Productivity Elasticity across Advanced Economies.” Journal of Post Keynesian Economics 29.4 (2007): 573–600. Print.

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